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Addressing your mental health and seeking treatment when something isn’t right is just as important as attending to your physical health. It’s also important to understand the ways that mental health, stress, and trauma can impact and even contribute to or exacerbate physical ailments.

Dr. Greenwell provides a range of services and innovative treatments to address common mental health challenges.  We work to create an individualized treatment plan for those who are experiencing multiple, overlapping, or co-occurring conditions.  Our office is co-located with a diverse group of healthcare clinicians to offer the option of multidisciplinary, collaborative care. Alternatively, when appropriate Dr. Greenwell will also reach out to your existing team of medical providers to develop a more integrated treatment plan. 

We also assess the impact of chronic stress and trauma on your body and help you find ways to address common mental health concerns that impact millions of people’s daily life. That said, your experiences are unique to you, and we work to find tailored ways to help you overcome them.  It’s essential that every client knows their experiences and concerns are real and valid. 

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Chronic Stress & Perfectionism

Stress is an incredibly common brain and body response to modern living and its challenges. When stress becomes persistent or overwhelming, it causes systemic inflammation making it harder to function and thrive, increasing risk for a range of conditions. We’ll help you understand triggers and learn to deal with stress more effectively.


After experiencing, witnessing, or learning about a traumatic event, we know that some people will go on to experience intense thoughts and feelings that persist long after it’s over. Getting the right treatment for PTSD can be life-changing.  Dr. Greenwell offers EMDR, IFS, PE, CBT-Insomnia or CPT to meet your individual treatment goals.

Other Grief & Trauma responses

Traumatic events can occur to anyone at any time and can lead to both psychological and physiological challenges that are stored in the body. Treatments like EMDR, ACT, and CPT can help you overcome trauma can limit the long-term impact of these reactions.

Chronic Pain

Our bodies often naturally respond to pain as a threat years after the original injury. This can lead to additional inflammation, fear, and more pain. When are physical abilities are limited by pain, it can be difficult to predict and pace activities as well as help others understand your needs. CBT and ACT for Chronic Pain are offered here to help people regain a sense of vitality and control in their lives.

GI Diseases & Feeding Disorders

Disorders of Gut-Brain Interaction (DGBIs) and Feeding Disorders (e.g., ARFID) are becoming increasingly common among adults and children. Though not always obvious to others, conditions like GERD, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Eosinophilic Esophagitis, etc., often require frequent medical interventions, major dietary changes, and can dramatically affect quality of life. The use of empirically validated treatments like CBT, ACT, and Gut-Directed Hypnotherapy has been empirically shown to help patients to manage stress, develop new habits, and reduce reliance on medications.


Dr. Greenwell also has experience in working with clients in coping with the impact of cancer, Autoimmune Disorders, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Dysautonomia among other conditions. Contact us to see if psychological support can complement your existing medical treatment to improve healing. We offer group and individual options.

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