Ethics & clinical Consultation for Mental health Therapists

  What types of issues can our consults help you with?
  • Integrating divergent guidance from attorney, supervisors, risk management specialists, and colleagues
  • Concerns about patient abandonment or scope of practice
  • Staff or supervisory issues with your therapist employees
  • Developing preventative ethics policies and procedures for your organization
  • Risk assessment issues and documentation
  • Concerns about other providers’ ethics and your reporting duties
  • Burnout, managing complex demands, and making difficult career decisions
  • Death of a patient postvention and other adverse incidents
  • Psychologically preparing for a deposition and trial
  • Ethics of telehealth, interjurisdictional practice, and telepsychology
  • Help interpreting conflicting ethical standards or principles.
  • Persisting feelings of guilt, moral distress, and other values conflicts.

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