Getting Started

Finding the right provider is not easy, and we want to minimize unnecessary hurdles and wait times for you. 

Before you sign up for your initial meeting, here are several considerations that indicate working with us may be an excellent option for you:

Treatment Area

You are seeking help for an issue related to our expertise. Learn GPC’s areas of specialization and treatment options here.


During your treatment sessions, you will be physically present in Utah or one of these Psypact states where we are eligible to offer telehealth services.*

Your Availability

You can attend appointments either in-office or online on a weekday between the hours of 8a-5p MST for Dr. Greenwell or evening times for Dr. Parker.


You understand that during busy times of the year you may be placed on a waitlist prior to care. You’re willing and able to safely wait 2-4 months to start care.

Payment Options

You are able to pay out-of-pocket for sessions at the time of service with the option of submitting a superbill for insurance reimbursement.

GPC Psychotherapy Session Rates

  • Individual sessions are $290 for the initial comprehensive intake evaluation and $195 for follow-up appointments. Most clients participate in 15-30 sessions depending on the scope of their concern and their level of ongoing stress exposure. 
  • Group Workshops: $50 per session.

If this sounds like a fit, let's meet and talk more!

 You can also email with any questions. Alternatively, if you’d like to explore other options, we have provided a page of referral ideas and resources here.