Improving Sleep as a miracle drug

Let’s say you were walking down the pharmacy aisle and saw a medication that promised you could look 5-10 years younger, think more clearly, increase motivation, lose weight, be more patient, and get sick less. How much would you be willing to pay for it? What if it were free?

When clients come to me with a range of goals and challenges, I always ask about sleep. When our sleep is disrupted by insomnia or nightmares, everything gets much harder. This, coupled with the excellent non-medication treatment options, often puts improving sleep quality at the top of the list of goals. Most people who suffer from insomnia or nightmares haven’t been offered the treatments that work (e.g. CBT-I or IRT).  Instead, they might get a quick handout on sleep hygiene or a medicine that leaves them feeling groggy in the morning. CBT-I is an important part of my practice that includes these components. There are cool new apps that can help too (like CBT-I coach). Learn more below or by reaching out to see how this might help.